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Iron Heart

IHSH-336-OD - Ultra Heavy Flannel Crazy Check Western Shirt - Navy Overdyed Black

€329 (VAT included, shipping extra)


The ultra-heavy duty (UHF) flannel shirts largely define Iron Heart, they are heavy, tough, yet amazingly wearable. This western shirt is an exclusive 12oz navy blue crazy check fabric woven from Aspero cotton from the foothills of the Andes. It is double brush on the inside and single on the outside, resulting in a very soft yet strong, thick, warm and windproof flannel.

For this special edition, we’ve taken our navy crazy check western shirt and steeped the entire garment in black sulphur dye. As the fabric ages, the blackened appearance will slowly lighten, revealing more of the vibrant pattern and colours concealed within the weave. 

Attention: The shirts have shrunk a bit due to over-dyeing and re-washing and are therefore a little tighter than the conventional Flannel Shirts. Please check the measurements before you order!

  • Western shirt
  • Iron Heart original 12oz ultra-heavyweight overdyed crazy check flannel
  • 100% Aspero cotton
  • UHF (ultra heavy flannel)
  • Iron Heart original 12oz ultra heavyweight crazy check in navy
  • Single brushed on face and double brushed on reverse
  • Black Iron Heart logo’d Permex snaps 
  • Two external snap fastened chest pockets
  • Single, double and triple needle stitch construction
  • Yellow bobbin thread
  • Overdyed washed - the overdyeing process takes out all the shrinkage
  • Made in Japan

Measurements are specific to the product displayed on this page.  The best way to determine your size is to measure a similar item that fits you well using the method shown in the "How we Measure" tab and compare with the size chart.  Note that Iron Heart items of the same size can vary slightly.  If a specific dimension (for example, arm length) is important to you, please ask us to check this by adding a note to your order.

Shoulders 40.0 41.1 43.4 45.0 46.7 49.5 51.3
Length 68.0 70.1 70.9 72.6 73.7 75.4 77.2
Chest (P2P) 51.0 53.0 55.1 57.2 59.2 61.2 62.7
Waist 48.0 50.5 52.1 54.4 56.0 58.2 59.7
Opening 49.0 51.3 52.6 55.1 56.9 59.2 60.7
Sleeve 61.5 62.5 63.5 66.0 67.3 69.3 70.6
Sleeve Opening 10.9 10.9 11.2 11.7 12.2 12.4 12.7