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Iron Heart

IHSB-BIGBUCK-BLK - Deerskin Western Shirt 'The Big Buck' Black

€1.449 (VAT included, shipping extra)


A leather shirt that we originally made specifically for Haraki about 9 years ago. We teamed up with Simmons Bilt and recreated this beauty. The deerskin comes from the Kolesch tannery (, the oldest tannery in Germany that is still in operation. The deerskin they tan is probably the best in the world and no chemicals are used in the tanning process.

  • Western Shirt (but it is really almost a jacket)
  • Naturally tanned deerskin
  • Iron Heart oversized copper snaps
  • Snaps on cuff placket
  • Hand-painted black dye on face
  • Black satin lined yoke
  • Ageing back to the original colour will occur in high wear areas
  • When the face of the hide is painted, some of the paint transfers to the rear, so there will be paint streaks on the inside of the shirt
  • There is scarring to the hides, we try to avoid as much as we can, but there may be small imperfections in the hide - if you can't embrace the perfection-is-in-the-imperfections, then this shirt is not for you!
  • Made in Scotland

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Shoulders 45.7 47.2 48.0 49.0 49.8
Length 77.7 78.2 78.5 79.2 79.8
Chest (P2P) 54.4 55.6 58.4 59.7 64.0
Waist 51.8 54.1 56.1 58.9 61.5
Opening 52.6 54.6 57.4 59.7 62.7
Sleeve 68.3 68.8 69.1 69.6 70.1
Sleeve Opening 11.7 11.9 12.4 12.7 13.0