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Peanuts & Co.

Peanuts & Co.

A young trapeze artist peers through the cracked door of the strongman's trailer as a clown's debt is collected by force.  The smell of whisky dominates the odor of horses.  The boy turns to run off, spilling his bag of peanuts as he stumbles over a tent peg.Peanuts & Co MEDIUM BERO PEANUTS Pendant - Brass

Peanuts & Co is a jewelry brand founded by photographer Yoshiki Suzuki focusing on brass and silver pieces handcrafted in Japan.

Suzuki spent 10 years traveling throughout the US, concentrating his photography on motorcycles, tattoos, and the darker side of life.  As he travelled, he met many people and made several friends.  His desire to give them little gifts led to the founding of Peanuts & Co.

The brand is influenced by the golden age of the American circus.  Horses, freak shows, clowns, tattoos, and, of course, peanuts are drawn upon to give the collection a superficial whimsy coupled with an underlying sinisterism.


This clown from the 1930s is usually sleeping, but when you pull down on the cord his eyes open and his tongue pops out.


The pendant of the woman is inspired by Guardian Bells, which are attached under motorcycles with the intention of warding off bad fortune.  When you shake her hips, the bell rings to beacon members of the opposite sex.  The piece is solid brass with pink zirconia nipples.  The bulldog is sitting in a barrel containing a hidden peanut that can be revealed by unscrewing the top of the barrel.


Iron Heart Germany is one of only three retailers in the EU to carry Peanuts & Co.  Our stock includes a peanut containing a cocaine spoon and a poison ring.  Additionally, we've stocked several pieces in both the silver and brass varieties.

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